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What you need to know about paint by numbers

Also known as number art, magic coloring and numbered coloring game, paint by numbers is very popular at the moment. It is of interest to both children and adults and is currently available in different models on the market to give complete satisfaction to painting enthusiasts. Here is all you need to know about paint by numbers.

What is paint by numbers?

Paint by numbers can be considered as an entertainment, a creative hobby and a decorative item. It consists of painting a surface that already has several small numbered areas in order to create a beautiful painting by hand.

Nowadays, many specialized stores offer consumers kits that include the support to be painted as well as all the material necessary to carry out this fun activity.

In general, the sketches are already pre-drawn on canvases and they already have numbers that correspond to a color in order to obtain the expected result.

Why paint by numbers?

There are several reasons why you might want to paint by numbers.

To relieve stress

As a form of entertainment, this kind of activity can help you relieve your stress. It is to be done in calm and serenity and it can keep you busy for hours so that you forget all your worries.

It also allows you to change your daily life which can sometimes seem chaotic. And it can give you a sense of satisfaction, joy and pride when you manage to paint all the numbers correctly.

To stimulate the artistic sense

On the other hand, you should know that paint by numbers is perfect for stimulating your artistic sense. It looks easy to do, but it requires a lot of concentration, patience and skill.

It introduces you to different colour combinations while helping you to have precise strokes and control your brush movements. She can also develop your sense of organization and space management.

It can even develop a sense of responsibility in children, as it requires them to clean up and put away the equipment at the end of the activity.

To recharge your batteries

As a manual activity, paint by numbers is also ideal for avoiding the use of screens and new technologies in entertainment. It allows you to replace technological advances with a real return to the simple things in life.

All you have to do is use your hands, a brush, some paints and a canvas, and you're done!

For an introduction to the art of painting

What is also interesting about paint by numbers is the fact that it introduces you to the art of painting. It is perfect for beginners and for people who do not have a very developed artistic talent for painting. In fact, it is very easy to do, not to say that it is almost impossible to miss.

Thanks to this creative hobby, you can learn to familiarize yourself with color harmonies, paint textures, holding brushes, ... Then, you can go up in level gradually.

To develop a sense of creativity

The numbered coloring game is excellent for developing a sense of creativity. It can stimulate your imagination while allowing you to have endless dreams.

It is true that it requires you to start from an imposed sketch, but it then allows you to play on the colors and forms to benefit from a personalized rendering. In other words, it is a form of expression that allows you to free yourself from unspoken and negative feelings.

To build self-confidence

Painting by numbers helps to strengthen self-confidence. It is accessible to both artists and non-artists, so it can help you get rid of complexes. It can prove to you that everyone is capable of making beautiful paintings by hand while reassuring you of your personal abilities.

To benefit from a nice decoration item

As mentioned above, paint by numbers can also be a nice decorative item. Once finished, it can be hung on the wall to decorate any of your rooms and to enhance your interior design.

It can even help you to show your passion if you choose the right drawing : paint by numbers cat, paint by numbers guitar, paint by numbers flowers, paint by numbers Eiffel Tower, paint by numbers manga, ...

How to paint by numbers?

It is not at all complicated to make a painting by numbers. Just follow the steps below to get a beautiful painting.

Paint by numbers with frame

First, start by choosing your paint by numbers kit. Find a design you like and order the size that suits you. In the kits you will find acrylic paint, brushes and a reference photo.

Most canvases are 40 x 50 cm. But you can find larger models like 60 x 75 cm. Then you also have to choose between a kit that includes a frame and a kit without a frame.

Paint by numbers kit

After choosing your paint-by-numbers kit, you must unpack it. Indeed, our product usually comes with a strong packaging such as cardboard to protect the canvas and paints.

In order to use it, you must remove the packaging and place it on your work surface or simply on a clean, flat surface on which you can paint without any problem.

Read the notice

The next step is to read the instructions in the small user manual. Even if you are a great artist and know a lot about paint-by-numbers, you should not ignore the manufacturer's recommendations. This is the best way to ensure that you don't mess up your painting, and therefore that you won't be disappointed.

Set up the materials

To continue, you must prepare your materials and arrange them so that the activity is well organized. Unlock your small pots of paint and place them by number to simplify your tasks. Also have a glass of water available to clean your brushes.

Paint the numbered areas

When everything is perfectly in place, you just have to paint each numbered area with the corresponding paint.

Of course, nothing prevents you from painting in ascending or descending order of numbers. But the ideal is to start with the dark colours and end with the light areas or vice versa.

In fact, there are no specific rules for paint by numbers. It is up to you to find your own style and your own way of painting.

Hanging paint by numbers

The last step is to hang your paint by numbers. Choose the right place to display it and remember to protect it from dust and moisture. A painting can last for many years if you take good care of it and it can help you decorate your rooms and show your talent and passion.

Paint by Numbers Tips

In order not to miss your paint by numbers and to provide effective solutions to certain problems that you may encounter during your intervention, take into account these professional tips.

Using a drawing board

First of all, it is possible to stabilize your canvas when you move around. Place it on a drawing board so that you can work on a flat surface.

To do this, you can tape it, attach it or clip it to the support panel. Then you can take it anywhere you go, indoors or outdoors.

In general, you can choose between an A3 size drawing board, an A2 size drawing board and small mobile easels which are very practical for arranging your canvas.

Use a preparatory product

For a better adhesion of the paint, it is also recommended to use a transparent gesso. This preparatory product can bring an additional degree of roughness to your canvas and it allows the paints to adhere better. You only have to apply it on your canvas and to dry it before carrying out your painting by numbers.

Colour in the numbers with a white pencil

To avoid seeing the numbers through the paint, especially through the light colours, consider colouring them in first with a white pencil.

This technique has already been tested by many artists and painting enthusiasts and it seems that it is really effective. It guarantees a satisfactory result while improving the quality of your painting.

Use LED glasses or a magnifying glass

If you have trouble reading the numbers in small areas, you can use magnifying glasses with built-in LED lighting or a magnifying glass. These accessories can actually improve your visibility while helping you do a precision job.

As you know, having a paint-by-numbers with small areas makes for detailed and beautiful work. So, it is better to invest in extra equipment than to choose a canvas without small areas.

Opt for the zig zag technique

To blur and manage the transitions between each zone of color, do not hesitate to opt for the zig zag technique. There is no need to follow the areas to be painted by number. The numbers are only there to guide you. This means that you can start and end wherever you want, as long as it allows you to express your creativity.

Painting one number at a time

The only rule you have to follow when painting by numbers is to paint one number at a time. In fact, you don't want to expose the paints to the air for too long so they don't dry out. So, try to keep your paint wet and fresh by opening one can at a time and closing the cans between each application on the canvas.

If necessary, you should moisten your paint with water or a professional paint thinner.

Ironing the canvas

Does your canvas have wrinkles? Don't panic! There is an effective solution to this problem.

You can do a little ironing of the canvas before applying the acrylic paint. Then, you must turn over your canvas to iron its back as well. Be careful, the temperature of your iron must not reach the linen/cotton level. On the other hand, you can increase it little by little.

Taking the time to have fun

Also, remember that paint by numbers is all about fun. So consider having fun with your project.

Don't rush to finish it in one day. Breathe, relax and lose yourself in the painting. No one will see your mistakes and errors. The most important thing is to be able to release your stress and present a nice painting when everything is finished.

Recycling old paint by numbers

The last tip to bring up is how to recycle your excess paint by numbers. Make sure that your old paint-by-numbers don't end up in the garbage. It is true that their canvases are non-toxic and harmless to the environment, but try to find a way to keep them.

You can, for example, use them between two numbered paintings to practice on a blank canvas. In addition, it allows you to see your progress and express your creativity freely, without being controlled by numbers and areas.

How long does paint by numbers take ?

Logically, a small image takes less time to fill in compared to a large image. So, you should invest in a small canvas if you want to finish your paint by numbers in one sitting (a large canvas may take you several days or even weeks to complete).

On the other hand, you can also opt for small sizes if you run a paint-by-numbers club where members have a good time while painting the same image. These can be completed quickly and will be ready to share at the end of the session. And the same goes if you have to offer a painting each time in your club. You may want to go for the smaller sizes, as they are cheaper.