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      Easy Paint by Numbers For Adults

      Who says that painting by numbers is only for children? It is quite possible to find painting by numbers kits for adults on our store.

      Learn more about paint by numbers for adults

      It is true that this fun activity was originally designed to entertain the little ones. But then, it also became a favorite pastime for adults.

      To avoid missing your painting by numbers for adults, follow this guide!

      Best Paint by Numbers for Adults

      In order to choose the right paint by numbers kit for adults, you should consider the following criteria.

      The pattern

      First of all, consider the motif. It must be something you are passionate about or that you particularly appreciate: an animal, a musical instrument, a flower, a country landscape, a destination, a portrait, a film character, ...

      Of course, you can also choose a design that allows you to display a particular style of decoration in your room: Christmas paint by numbers for adults, large paint by numbers for adults, DIY paint by numbers for adults, Paint by numbers for adults beach, ... Cartoon images are to be left aside, because they are considered childish.

      Don't hesitate to take a look at the products of our most popular collection, the cat painting by numbers !

      The size

      Apart from the design, you should also select the paint by numbers for adults based on its dimensions. If you are looking for entertainment that can keep you busy for a day, you should go for a small size canvas.

      If, on the other hand, you want to create a real work of art, you should look at large paintings. A large painting may take one or more weeks to complete, but it guarantees an impressive result.

      The components of the kit

      Also, be sure to ask about the components of the paint by numbers for adults kit.

      In general, it includes: a canvas with a pre-drawn sketch divided into several numbered parts, brushes, paint pots, coloured pencils, a system for fixing the canvas and a small guide for use. And as an option, it can also contain a wooden frame.

      Where to buy paint by numbers for adults

      The last criteria to look at are the brand and price of the paint by numbers kit. Here, the ideal is to go for a reputable brand, a brand that specializes in creative hobbies and DIY activities like us.

      How to paint by numbers for adults?

      Prepare the workshop

      To carry out the paint by numbers canvas for adults in good conditions, it is necessary to start by preparing the workshop. Choose a flat and solid surface to ensure the homogeneity of the application of the paint. Otherwise, use a drawing board to be able to paint in all mobility.

      You can also install your canvas on an easel to paint like a real painter.

      Paint by numbers for adults kit

      Once you have chosen your base, you need to lay out the different elements that make up your adult number painting kit. Remove their packaging and arrange them in such a way as to simplify your tasks and avoid back and forth.

      Each can of paint has a number that corresponds to the areas to be painted. So, try to keep them organized in a practical way. Also have a glass of water and a roll of paper towels to clean the brushes.

      Apply a transparent gesso

      To roughen up your canvas and to help the acrylic paints adhere to the support, we advise you to apply a transparent gesso 24 hours before the session. It is an effective canvas preparation product. Moreover, it does not alter the visibility of the numbers and areas to be painted.

      Ironing the canvas

      Since the canvas is often delivered rolled up or folded, it is normal that it has some folds when unpacked. So, don't hesitate to smooth out the folds with an iron and do the same with the back.

      How do I mount the wooden frame?

      The canvas should be stretched on the wooden frame before painting order to avoid the appearance of folds on the support and the formation of cracks on the painting.

      Gathering the battens

      To do this, you need to gather a few materials and tools, including: the 4 battens, the canvas to be painted, a DIY stapler or tacks, a canvas stretcher, a chisel, a small hammer and a wooden mallet. Then, you must assemble the 4 strips of the frame by joining a width strip with a length strip.

      To ensure a good fit between these sticks, you must press the ends with your hands while leaving the notches in contact and lightly tapping the ends. Afterwards, you must repeat the same operation with the other two sticks so that your frame takes shape.

      Stretching the web

      The next step is to attach the canvas to the stretcher with good tension. Stretch your canvas on a flat surface, numbered side down on the table, and place the stretcher on top of it, centering it. Then fold your canvas over the stretcher so that the frame is completely covered.

      To join the canvas to the frame, you must staple one side. Then you have to stretch the canvas and fix the opposite side with the clamp. Ideally, you should use a DIY stapler or tacks to reinforce the fabric's attachment. Afterwards, you should remove the overflowing canvas with a chisel. The last step is to fix and plate the corners.

      How to make the numbers disappear?

      To avoid seeing the numbers through the paint, the ultimate trick is to draw a white pencil over them before applying the paint.

      The areas most affected by this type of concern are those associated with light colors. So, you don't need to cover them with a lot of material. You just have to use your white pencil and to bet, if you want, on a superposition of fine layers to make the numbers disappear.

      Which technique to paint like a pro?

      When it comes to painting by numbers for adults, there are no specific rules to follow. You can paint as you wish.

      However, there is a technique that allows you to obtain a more satisfactory result: the zig zag. This technique has been used for a long time by great artists. It is effective in blurring the demarcations between each area of color and therefore to obtain realistic gradations and a more natural look. As its name indicates, it consists in painting a zig zag shape by crossing the two colours concerned.

      For example, in the case of the green and brown combination, start by making a few oblique brown brushstrokes on the green area. Then, continue with green oblique brushstrokes but opposite, in the direction of the brown area. After that, blend the zig-zag area with a clean brush to create a nice blur little by little.

      How to correct errors?

      In order to be able to correct an error produced on your adult paint by numbers canvas, try to work from light to dark colours. This way, you can more easily cover the previously applied colors.

      Also, be aware that accidents such as paint splatters or spills can be rectified one or two days after drying. You can cover the stains with a brush or a toothpick.

      How do you keep paint wet?

      To preserve your paints for as long as possible, you are advised to always close their pot after each use. In fact, the ideal is to paint one colour at a time, i.e. to work on the colours one after the other so as not to expose the paints for too long to the ambient air.

      What to do in case of dry paint?

      To moisten a dry paint, you must add a few drops of professional paint thinner. Unlike water, this product has the advantage of not altering the intensity of the colour of your paint. In addition, it can slow down the drying process and allow the paint to spread evenly.

      The window cleaning liquid is also a better alternative to get a good consistency. But this product is not effective for the most difficult cases.

      How to optimize the readability of the numbers?

      On paint by numbers for adults, it is common to find small areas with very small numbers that are almost impossible to read. These make for detailed and beautiful work. So instead of avoiding them when buying the kit, it is better to take them and use materials that allow you to read them without problems.

      Among other things, you can use a magnifying glass or glasses with LED lighting.

      There is also nothing to stop you from taking a photo of your canvas before you start painting. That way you can zoom in on the photo and easily read the numbers.

      How to clean the brushes?

      To avoid mixing colours and to prolong the life of your brushes, you should clean them regularly. Soak your brushes in a glass of water between uses. Then rub them with a paper towel. There's no need to force them and press them down. Just tap them against the rim of the water container to rinse them off.

      In other words, it is therefore ideal to set up at least two glasses of water near you before you do the paint by numbers for adults: one for thorough cleaning and the other for soaking. That way, you won't get runny, dry color on the base of the beam or little loose hairs.

      How to protect the painting from fading?

      The best way to protect your paint by numbers from fading is to apply a little top coat before hanging it on the wall. This will keep your colours looking better for longer, and may even make them brighter and more brilliant. But don't overdo it. A single application can be more than enough.

      How to hang the paint by numbers canvas for adults ?

      To finalize the paint by numbers for adults and to show it off to its best advantage, you should consider hanging it on the wall. It is true that an artist is not necessarily a handyman, but you must ensure the installation of your work once you have completed it.

      In fact, the presence of a fixing system in the kit can simplify your tasks. In addition, it helps to avoid damaging your walls. So, start by finding the right place to place your painting. Then, use the screws and hooks provided with your canvas to hold it in place.

      What to do with excess paint?

      After finishing an adult paint by numbers, it is sure and certain that you will want to paint more. As the sessions progress, you may even become addicted to this creative hobby as you recognize its various benefits.

      So, after a few months, you will have a lot of paintings at home, works that you risk throwing away, since you no longer have enough space on your walls.

      Well, you should know that there is an effective solution to avoid this kind of waste. It's true that paint by numbers for adults are non-toxic and harmless to the environment, but they are also recyclable.

      You can, for example, consider them as drafts and use them between two paintings by numbers for adults. Otherwise, you can also offer them as a gift to your loved ones who are passionate about painting and handmade work.

      23 products

      23 products