Paint by Numbers for Kids


      Paint by numbers for Kids

      To introduce children to painting, there is nothing better than paint by numbers for kids. It's the perfect activity for little painters-in-training. Not only does it allow you to discover a talent, but it is also a good form of entertainment and a nice decorative item. Here's the lowdown on paint by numbers for kids.

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      What is a Paint by numbers for Kids?

      A painting by numbers for Kids is a creative hobby especially dedicated to children over 3 years. It usually consists of a pre-drawn sketch on a linen canvas accompanied by several pots of acrylic paint and brushes.

      It is easily recognizable thanks to its different numbered drawing areas that correspond to a reference colour. And once finished, it can become a real work of art, a nice handmade picture to hang on the wall to decorate the children's room.

      It should be noted that paint-by-numbers has been around for many years. It was popularized by the artist Dan Robbins in the United States in the 1950s. It was later developed by Leonardo da Vinci.

      According to the story, this great painter taught his students to paint by numbering certain areas of blank canvases to guide them in the choice of colours to use.

      Dan Robbins' genius idea was soon exploited by the Paint by Numbers, which soon produced paint by numbers kits for kids and adults.

      What is a paint by numbers kit for children made of?

      As with the painting by numbers kits for adults, a paint by numbers for kids kit contains all the necessary materials to create a beautiful painting. It is composed of a linen canvas whose size can vary according to the model chosen. Then, it also includes brushes of different sizes that allow you to paint areas of various dimensions.

      A children's number painting kit also includes numbered paint pots, usually acrylic-based. And as an option, it can include a wooden frame to stretch and protect the canvas.

      Finally, a paint by numbers kit includes a miniature photo of the expected result, a hanging kit with 2 screws and 2 hooks and instructions for use.

      How to make a painting by numbers for kids?

      To make a painting by numbers for children in the rules of art, it is important to follow the following steps.

      Preparation of the workshop

      First of all, you have to prepare the workshop to practice the activity in good conditions. It is necessary to privilege a flat support like the kitchen table to benefit from a homogeneous application of the paint. Otherwise, there is no harm in using a drawing board or an easel to feel like a great painter.

      In addition, it is also necessary to make sure to have a sufficient luminosity to better apprehend the various contrasts of colors of the fabric. And finally, it is necessary to settle down comfortably, because the session can last several hours, even several days.

      The gathering of all the necessary materials

      The second step is to take out all the necessary materials. You need to unpack the paint by numbers kit for kids and arrange the paint cans in a way that makes them more convenient to use.

      You should also bring a glass filled with water and a roll of paper towels to clean the brushes and also a magnifying glass to make it easier to read the small numbers.

      In fact, the objective is to have all the necessary material at hand in order to avoid the back and forth that can lead to distraction.

      The application of the paint

      To continue, the next step is the actual application of the paint. Here, the best techniques must be adopted to obtain a good result. Some professionals recommend the zig zag technique to blend and manage the transitions between each area of color. However, it should be noted that there are no specific orders for painting by numbers for children.

      You can start at the top, at the bottom, on the left, on the right, with dark colours, with light colours, from the smallest to the largest number or from the largest to the smallest number. The only rule is: go one number at a time.

      The assembly of the chassis

      One of the questions that is often asked by little apprentice painters is: should you mount the stretcher before or after applying the paint? Well, it is preferable to stretch the canvas on the stretcher before painting it to avoid the appearance of folds on the support and the formation of cracks on the paint.

      The same applies if you want to paint by number for children on an easel. The canvas must be mounted on a stretcher.

      Moistening and cleaning of brushes

      Before painting the sketch, the brushes must also be moistened. This will make the brushes' bristles more supple and facilitate the application of paint. To do this, just dip the tips of the brushes in a glass of water, then blot them lightly with an absorbent paper.

      Speaking of brushes, it is also recommended to wash them between each color to avoid color mixing.

      The realization of a color test

      It is also important to test the colours before applying them to the canvas. Unlike oil paints, acrylic paints do tend to change colour when they are dry.

      They may become a little darker than they looked when first applied. So, you have to take this into account from the beginning so as not to ruin the canvas.

      To do this, simply paint samples on a draft and let them dry for a few hours before going on canvas.

      The dosage of the paint

      As for the amount of paint to use, you should try to cover each area well. You don't want to use too much paint to avoid covering other areas. Then, you should not save any paint to get the desired color.

      The use of the right amount of paint is the guarantee of a well done paint by numbers for kids.

      The use of a professional fluidizer

      In case the paint starts to dry out during application, a professional paint thinner should be added to moisten it. It is true that water can improve the flow of the paint, but the advantage of the professional thinner is that it does not change the intensity of the paint color.

      In addition, it slows down the drying process slightly while allowing the paint to spread evenly.

      The installation of the canvas

      Once the painting is finished, all that remains is to hang it on the wall. It will be able to be transformed into a pretty decorative painting for a children's room or a classroom. So, do not hesitate to use screws and hooks to put it in place.

      How to choose a paint by numbers kit for kids?

      There are different criteria to consider before choosing a paint by numbers kit for children.

      The drawing

      First of all, you have to consider the design. In fact, it must be a childish motif to motivate the child to paint it. A paint by numbers cartoon, for example, could well do the trick. Otherwise, there is no harm in opting for a colourful paint by numbers animals such as a dog, cat, horse or rabbit or a unicorn paint by numbers for kids.

      Almost all the things that fascinate children are currently available on canvas. So, it is not difficult to meet their expectations.

      Fan of Dragon Ball, Naruto or Onepiece then our collection of Anime Paint by Numbers is there for your happiness.

      The size

      Apart from the design, you should also select the kid’s paint by numbers according to its size. Since most children lack patience, it is best to go for a small canvas that will only keep them busy for a few hours.

      It is indeed certain that children will get bored if they have to do this activity for several days. Moreover, they will be eager to see the final result, otherwise they will not be able to feel complete satisfaction.

      The components

      In addition, you should also find out about the different components of the kids' number painting kit.

      In general, this type of product is composed of a canvas, brushes, several pots of paint and a system for fixing the canvas. But it is necessary to check if it also contains a frame and a user's manual.

      There is nothing better than having a complete kit so that you don't have to invest in other materials and spend extra money.

      The price

      Finally, don't forget to consider the price of the kids' paint-by-numbers kit. Logically, a better quality kit costs more than an average quality kit. But it is always possible to find kits on special offer that offer good value for money.

      In any case, it is advisable to always make a small price comparison before making a decision in order to save even a small amount of money.

      What are the advantages of paint by numbers for children?

      Paint by numbers for kids can provide many benefits to children.

      Stimulation of imagination and creativity

      As a creative hobby, it stimulates children's imagination and creativity in a playful way. It introduces them to painting and coloring and can awaken their artistic sense. It is a way to make them discover the talents that are hidden in them. Otherwise, it can also be effective in creating new qualities in them.

      Development of the senses, concentration and patience

      As a manual activity, paint-by-numbers is perfect for developing children's different senses, especially touch and sight. It promotes their awareness, fine motor skills and dexterity. It can also help them to concentrate and develop patience.

      In fact, children under 10 years of age still have difficulty controlling their movements. But with the manipulation of brushes and coloured pencils, they will be more or less directed. And since they also have to handle small objects, their motor skills will be improved and at the same time they will learn to manage their space.

      Consolidation of knowledge

      Paint by numbers also helps to consolidate the knowledge and skills of children. It allows them to learn various things through the colour and appearance of the drawings they paint. Not only do they discover different shapes, colours and colour combinations, but they also learn to count in a fun way.


      As a form of entertainment, painting by numbers also allows children to have fun and relax. It is true that it requires calm and concentration, but it allows them to take a break from the daily grind.

      Obtaining a decorative and durable painting

      Finally, paint by numbers for children makes a nice picture to hang on the wall or a better gift idea to give to a loved one. It can be a real work of art to place in the children's room or in a room that the children frequent regularly.

      It is perfect for adding an aesthetic touch to the interior decoration of a house, a nursery or a school. It is also unlikely to change over time, as it is usually made from durable materials.

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      3 products